I can't afford to pay the IRS. Now what?

Our clients frequently settle their IRS debts for less than they actually owe.  We are aggressive and ethical, with proven results.

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IRS Payroll Problems?

Are you a business owner with unreported or unpaid payroll?  It can cost you (100%-DOUBLE) in penalties and even more in interest.  Your business can even be shut down by the IRS.  Avoid payroll disasters.

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IRS tax liens, levies, and garnishments

IRS tax liens attach to ALL of your property, (prevent you from selling or refinancing your home or other real estate), and damage your credit.

Levies are used by the IRS to take your money without any warning from banks, retirement accounts, and other accounts.

A garnishment lets the IRS take money from your paycheck and Social Security checks.  Avoid these disasters.  We can help even if it has already happened to you.

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We love difficult cases!

Surfing big waves and settling big IRS debts for my clients are two of the best rushes I have ever experienced in my life!  Surfing big waves taught me how to overcome my fears and prepared me for representing my clients before the IRS.

The IRS seems to have unbridled power and many people live in paralyzing fear of the IRS.  The IRS is the most feared debt collector in the world.

I represent people and their businesses before the IRS.  If you think the IRS is scary, try surfing a 2 story wave!

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All manner of folks have IRS problems:

* Attorneys, Judges, and Law Professors--many of these professionals have tax problems

* Marijuana / Cannabis businesses: Audits; §280E ; Form 8300; Offers in Compromise; Payroll; Penalty Abatement; Unfiled tax returns; lien and levy removal; Appeals, summons quashed, and more....

* Real Estate Agents and Brokers  (Investors, Developers, Builders, and Mortgage folks too), and all manner of related real estate businesses

* Doctors and Dentists Yep! Lots in trouble

* CPAs have FEDERAL TAX LIENS filed against them too

* PAYROLL problems for all manner of businesses

IMAGINE how you will feel to be FREE OF IRS PROBLEMS!

We are Certified Tax Resolution Specialists. We take CAUSES, not cases.

We encourage you to apply to see if you qualify for a limited number of new client openings and to see if we are a good fit for you.

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PS We love difficult cases, big waves, and taming 800-lb gorillas



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